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The largest redevelopment project in Europe

Situated in Italy’s largest metropolitan area and the third largest in Europe

The city of Milan is the second largest Italian city by population (1,300,000 inhabitants) and the population of the metropolitan area of Milan, to which Sesto San Giovanni belongs, is the largest in Italy (3,900,000 inhabitants). Milanosesto is therefore the nexus between two

imposing realities - modern and connected to the territory as well as to the major European capitals. Situated in Italy’s largest metropolitan area and the third largest in Europe (after London and Paris) by number of inhabitants, Milanosesto will become a

part of the Lombard metropolitan system, a territorial system of the utmost significance, both demographically and economically, with an average income that is almost double the Italian average and an unemployment rate that is half that of the national average.

New evaluation of the italian industrial and social history

Sesto San Giovanni has been the capital of the first industrialization and economic boom that allowed Italy to recover economically at the end of World War II. “The Acciaierie and Ferriere Lombarde Falck”, are still the symbol of the great laboratory of industrial and social innovation that was Sesto San Giovanni. The memory of this industrial and social history will not be

lost. Rather, it will be newly and completely re-valuated within the Milanosesto Project. The building with historic value, decree by Unesco World Heritage Candidate Sites, will be recovered and restructured. Once they have been given new life, they will be perfectly reintegrated into the fabric of the new city, hosting activities and services for the people. Among the historic building

there are: the T3, the T5, the BLISS, the “Camino Fumi”, the “Treno Laminatoio and the OMEC, fascinating architectural structures which will serve to enrich the landscape of Milanosesto. The subterranean elements (“Pompei”), where rested the machines of steel factories, will be maintained and valued as landscape elements of the park and or as special container for particular functions.






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